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6 Seater Street Legal Golf Carts for Sale

Discover more than ever with the all-new E-Z-GO Express™ L6. The increased experience of the Express L6 continues with the ELiTE vehicles` improved front suspension, which ensures improved handling and handling. With a choice of an efficient 13.5 hp EFI closed-loop gas powertrain or our maintenance-free ELiTE 4.2 or 6.2 triple lithium batteries, the Express L6 golf cart will enrich any adventure. With more range and improved handling, this 6-passenger golf cart exceeds all expectations. The MotoEV Electro Neighborhood Buddy 6 Passenger (Back to Back) Street Legal Golf Cart has all the standard features required to certify the device as road approved and thus drive on roads marked with 35 MPH or less! Our vehicles can travel at the forefront of the industry 50 miles per charge! It costs about a penny per kilometer traveled if you charge your vehicle overnight when electric power is cheapest! Our built-in on-board chargers not only keep our batteries ready to use, but also include a microprocessor so they are never overcharged. Once a full charge is detected, they simply turn off! You can “charge” your vehicle at any time during a break, during shopping or simply at lunch, as your charger is included directly on the vehicle. Our low-speed vehicles are perfect for free shuttles, security patrol vehicles, parks as well as recreational vehicles. They are perfect for any commercial or residential application that requires the use of a vehicle at speeds of 25 miles per hour or less. High-end tires and wheels improve ride quality and add another layer of customization to your 6-passenger golf cart. Our new Morpheus tires are smooth and quiet. With a thinner tread, the Morpheus tire is perfect for fragile golf courses and neighborhood roads.

Do you have a large family? Do you operate a business that transports guests, employees or visitors to your business? If so, you`ll need a golf cart that can handle the work. At Jeffrey Allen, Inc., we have 8- and 6-seater golf cart models that are ideal for large families and businesses. And we have three locations across Florida to better serve you. Club Car`s Villager 8 is available in gasoline and electric models and features powerful 500-amp controllers, roller retractors, stainless aluminum frames, ArmorFlex bodies™, and more. If you`re looking for an 8-passenger golf cart, the Villager 8 is a good choice! High-end golf cart dashboard with versatile cup holders and technology and more storage space and dashboard style. Our sales representative can provide you with a shipping quote and arrange all your shipping needs in minutes to make your shopping experience as enjoyable as possible. Jeffrey Allen, Inc. is proud to serve residents and businesses in Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Orlando, Miami and elsewhere in Florida, so if you`re looking for a golf cart for 8 or 6 people, give us a call.

Contact us today for more information about these shopping carts or inquire about our full inventory. Lift your golf cart with the standard raised suspension. Isn`t the space for 6 people just enough? Type Club Car`s Villager 8. This exceptionally built and carefully designed 8-passenger golf cart is used in resorts around the world and can comfortably accommodate up to 8 passengers. Perfect for replacing expensive vans and other vehicles, it can maneuver narrow streets and sidewalks, giving you the ultimate freedom of movement. Rear-facing golf cart seat that allows for a ride for 6 people with convenient storage for all your adventures. From the block to the lake tower, there is an E-Z-GO for you. Build it your way and start living bigger.

The Onward 6 car is designed to bring family and friends together outdoors. Our vehicle has been specially designed for your comfort and safety. The ride feels like a dream with stable suspension and impressive torque. Passengers can relax in the sun with plenty of legroom and cup holders for long journeys. With unmatched performance, a guarantee and the support you expect from Club Car, your family can focus on what really matters: the adventure ahead. The Company warrants to initial purchases that any defects in materials or workmanship, unless otherwise specified in paragraph 5, that occur within the time periods set forth below (“warranty Period”), from the date of delivery, will be corrected by the Company at its expense in a manner described: WEIGHT (standard electric vehicle without batteries): 972/989 lbRegistration speed: 21 to 25 mphStandard seat capacity: 4 + 2 During the first 12 months, all Spare Parts provided free of charge, “unless a manufacturer`s warranty replaces them”, in which case this period becomes the warranty period (copy of the manufacturer`s warranty available upon request). The company guarantees the frame and all structural welds of the vehicle for a period of two years. Paint and rust are excluded. Driving in water deep enough to damage the electrical system. Any defects in similar options or items (e.g. radio or video equipment, heating and air, etc.) covered by the respective equipment manufacturer`s warranty.

All repairs that result in the loss of sales of the customer. Full warranty information for these three manufacturers is available upon request. The unique design of the 6P is designed not only for luxury, but also to stand out as the most elegant vehicle in the neighborhood. Build your car to your specifications and preferences with fully customizable options such as color, seats, wheels and more! The upgraded suspension system delivers exceptional handling and performance at full load. Combine this with the 4-wheel braking system designed for optimal braking power and you get the best 6-passenger vehicle on the market! Once the original buyer has informed the Company of the existence of a defect and the Company determines, based on its inspection or investigation, that the defect was caused by inappropriate material or incorrect workmanship. POWER SOURCEDrive Motor: 48 Volt AC, Shunt, Wound, 6.8 HPTransaxle: Dual Reduction Spur Gear Unit with 12.3.1 Direct Drive AxleElectric system: 48 Volt AcBatteries: High Capacity, Low CycleCharger: Eagle Onboard Intelligent Charger Chargers are covered for a period of three (3) years. Curtis Instruments brand controllers are covered for a period of two (2) years. Lead-acid batteries are | for a period of eighteen (18) months Covered lithium batteries are covered for a period of four (4) years.

Any costs or costs of renting or replacing the vehicle associated with the need for a warranty repair at our authorized factory. Spare parts, if the original parts are not returned to Moto Electric Vehicles at the owner`s expense. STEERING/SUSPENSION/BRAKESSStraining: Self-adjusting rack and pinion Spring: Double wishbonesBrasion: Four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes LIQUID CAPABILITIESTrans axle: 12.21:1Scope (miles): 25Wenderadius (FT): 8.2Climbing capacity: 25% with 12.31:1 Brake load 12 MPH (FT): 12.84Max Load capacity (LBS) 1.325Voltage: 48VBoard loader: Enpower 17AMotor: AC 5KW KDSMotor Power: 6.8Controller: Curtis 1232 400AMP (optional Curtis 1236 450AMP)Tinted windshield: Acrylic Foldable2 Point Seat Beats: Retractable Lifting wheel: SportLateral rear view: LEDLED lighting KIT: YESLCD Instrument cluster: YESUSB Charging port: YESSteering System: Spiral Rack and Pinion Brakes: 4 Wheel Disc Brake14` Wheels & Tires Upgrade (Road / Off-Road): 12/14 in. Aluminum Aluminum Frame: OUIRargent Color: Match Body ColorAluminity Planing Included: YesBattable Season: DeluxeEdel Steel Material: YES Front and Rear Tire Pressure: 18 psi The Onward 6 passenger car is a newer addition to the Club Car range that keeps your comfort and safety in mind. With an unmatched warranty and top-notch performance, you can expect great things with your Onward. Our carefully designed seat gimbal in the first row provides enough legroom for second row passengers to stretch. The Onward 6P takes comfort to a new level with easily accessible grab bars and cup holders in the second row, as well as an extended soft top design that covers third-row passengers. Any costs or charges associated with the transportation or shipment of a vehicle or part to or from the authorized entity. Damage to items caused by improper use or operation, unauthorized repairs or modifications, attempts to use the equipment beyond its rated capacities, or damage caused by a lack of proper and reasonable maintenance.