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Skyworth 50 Inch Smart 4k

Skyworth 50 Inch Smart 4k
Skyworth 50 Inch Smart 4k
Skyworth 50 Inch Smart 4k TV with a high definition screen 2 GB 4K

GSM 850 / 1900 mA 7 – 15 GB Data Plan

Wireless Bluetooth® 2.0 – 4G Data Plans Unlimited – Call/Offline

Fast and Easy Setup You can use your smart TV to enjoy your favourite movies, sports, apps, music and games for over 3 hours. When the Smart TV is in standby mode when your Bluetooth enabled signal is detected, you will know this mode is working. This feature lets you quickly switch into the standby mode of your smart TV and connect via USB, when your Smart TV detects the connection of Wi-Fi to your TV, you can quickly choose either standby or standby mode to enjoy your favorite movies, sports and games while listening to games, TV shows, movies and social media activities. You can use your Smart TV to watch sports at home or while watching from your smartphone, game or other mobile device using Bluetooth® 3.0. When you are waiting in sync to watch TV, TV shows, movies or music, you can quickly turn the Smart TV on and off with no manual settings required. You can keep your TV connected to your mobile device using the available features or activate the TV in standby mode and set it to standby status using the connected TV’s settings menu and other features.
Achieve Video HD for Movies, TV Shows and Music While listening to new music songs, films and TV shows with the Samsung

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