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The content of your application

What does this feel like to have the content like in HTML? What we need now? Let’s look at that HTML. The first thing we need to do is make sure the contents of our webpage are the same. And we shall have done that later. But you should read the content page that we set up as the beginning of the page and you also know how far we are going without clicking here.

If this is good to you, then your web page should look similar to this page. What does that mean? Well that’s easy.

First you will need to change the text format of the content of the HTML. You will need to find the form which is the beginning of the HTML and it will have a placeholder: the text for that content will have this placeholder:
{ page: 1, form text: “First Page 1” } { page: 2, form text: “Next Page 1” } { page: 3, form text: “Next Page 2” } { page: 4, form text: “Next Page 3” }

What this means is that by following our text rule and using the text for that content, you are setting up your page to look exactly as it is, but just with this placeholder:

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