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Anti Aging Collagen

Anti Aging Collagen
Anti Aging Collagen
Anti Aging Collagen (AGCT) is shown to be particularly effective against both humans and non-human primates; it is the third active synthetic AGCT product in 2014.

Gland Extract

An organic extract derived from grasses using agroot bacteria.

Gland extract provides a unique advantage by being able to be consumed in the presence of a moderate amount of water. Anti Aging Collagen
What to Know

Gland was introduced into the commercialization of antibiotics to treat many human diseases and infections. It is estimated that the use of the extract in medicine has declined from 1,600 to 0.1 mg orally to 1 kg to 1 kg to 8 pounds per day since the 1970s. This leaves many people with more severe side effects.

Gland is not the only organic alternative available to patients using the botanical alternative found in more recent animal research.

This article is the culmination of an extensive and ongoing effort, by many well-respected botanists and researchers. Please enjoy it.

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