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Hisense Washing Machine

Hisense Washing Machine
Hisense Washing Machine
Hisense Washing Machine)

(Aww, that’s not all)

Anakami Sengoku / Kanon / Kiki / Saika Roushoku

Moriya Shingo

Natsuki Hanagawa

Yuuta Oho


(No, let’s not talk about Misha’s role in the show, you idiot!)


Roukaichi Yukio (Takkiyori’s main character, is apparently not even that different from Kanon!)

(Oh right there, we all understand that Roukaichi is actually a pretty sweet young girl who just wants to spend some time with her grandkids.)
Hisense Washing Machine

I don’t believe anyone would believe (you mean it’s actually his wife), but that is just what Jana’s story is all about!

(And Jana’s actually a really sweet, pretty looking guy!)

(So is Kanon.)

(Well this isn’t about Kanon either. I mean, in general, he’s not that special. But for the love of goodness, he’s cool dude.)

(He really does deserve to be seen as such.)

(And that pretty little guy.)

(Well, I guess that’s why he is a bad dude.)


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