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2006 nissan primera

2006 nissan primera
2006 nissan primera
I also use a BMW M3 (1997), so in some places I will draw analogies and comparisons (where appropriate, of course).
The car was bought in 2006 by Nissan. Mileage for a year and a half of operation amounted to 30,000 km. Why I chose Example: a very interesting, one might say, original design and a relatively low purchase price (all in comparison with “classmates”). The car is dark blue, good equipment, not the most “dead” engine. The design, in my opinion, is really amazing, considering that the release of this model began five years ago.
But the car is not alive by design alone. Engine: In principle, the 1.8 engine is enough for this car. True, you can’t call it racing, but it rides quite tolerably. The gears are quite “long”, the car is more or less torquey (of course I won’t compare it with a BMW, these are different cars). So, despite the words of critics who proved to me that the engine was rather weak, I give it a solid four. The disease of the Nisanovsky engine 1.8 – eating up oil from me (ugh, ugh) has not yet been discovered.
Box and management – typical European Japs. The steering wheel is slightly wadded, the box is fuzzy, requiring little effort. At speeds above 130 km per hour, the car begins to “float” slightly on the track. I understand that my opinion about driving characteristics is formed by the BMW trio, but what is, is. The steering wheel is fuzzy.
The brakes are also mediocre, not sharp.
Sitting in the car is quite comfortable, there is a lot of space. The trunk is very large and roomy. I have a five-door, so you can stick quite large loads here. The front view is sufficient, the “schnobel” is of course poorly visible, but over time you begin to feel the dimensions. But the rear view is unimportant, the color rear-view camera helps out, but it also has dead spots, so you need to get used to everything.
The climate is quite normal, it blows famously, and it’s not the main thing in the car.
The quality of the finishing materials is mediocre, the plastic is poor. The steering wheel is large and “wooden”. After a while, the plastic and the entire interior, along with it, began to creak and rattle. Even the gearshift knob rattles (it has metal inserts from which an unpleasant clang is heard when driving). The handle had to be taken “on the glue.” Noise isolation is mediocre, you can hear the road and the engine well. The standard audio system is rubbish, the speakers are disgusting. The radio tape recorder does not read MP3, besides, it is not removable, as on German classmates, so replacing it is a problem. I was advised to do “Shumko”, but reluctant to do this on a “new” machine.
The build quality is not very good, everything is poorly adjusted, somewhere something is unscrewed, etc. etc.
According to the new fashion, the headlights are not switched off, so the bulbs are on quite often. Light – a triple with a plus. Something constantly rattles in the car, all sorts of little things need to be replaced, etc. The plastic protection on the bottom unscrewed, then the tin casing on the exhaust rattled. I won’t talk about the work of the Nissan service in Germany, but I’m not very happy with them. It especially kills that when making repairs under warranty, they do not provide (as others do) free ersatz for the duration of the repair. A short answer was received to a letter to the regional branch of Nissan: “You are a cool guy, but if the car drives on its own, then for the period of repair, the replacement is only for money.” And the repair was 2 days. Where is the logic?
Here is a short report. Sorry that it turned out to be heterogeneous, everything is in some semitones, but I tried to speak as it is. As a cheap replacement for German classmates, Nissan is quite suitable. But only as a “cheap replacement”, don’t forget that. Advice: to buy – not to buy? I don’t know, it’s up to you, there are pros and cons.
I will answer any questions.
Sincerely, St.
What are the tips here? Think for yourself, decide for yourself ……!!!

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